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best dietsLooking for the best diets? Want a diet that will drop the weight FAST? Wondering which diets really work and which ones are just hype?

You've come to the right place! You'll learn all about each diet, how it works, what you can expect and how it rates based on 5 Key Diet Success Factors.

This way you can find the best weight loss plan for your body - and have fun in the process! You'll also lose weight faster and save money (by avoiding diets that don't work!).

How To Find Your Best Diet:

best diets

Review some of the most popular diets like the HCG diet, Medifast diet or the Nutrisystem diet by clicking on the links to the left.

Or review the benefits of Low Carb Diets, Detox Diets, or Celebrity Diets. You can also review all diets by visiting the Diet Reviews section.

If you want to get tips on losing weight or read about the 5 key success factors for weight loss, visit the diet tips section.

Thanks for visiting and keep checking back for the latest diets and more weight loss inspiration!

How Do You Find the Best Diet?
5 Key Factors:

best dietsFast Results
A diet that gives you fast results - especially at the beginning - will inspire you to stick with it and keep going.

best dietsEasy To Follow
The best weight loss diets cause as little upset to your lifestyle as possible. If you're a busy person, choose a diet where the food is made for you. If you love your afternoon 'treat' choose a diet that allows for this.

best dietsBalanced & Safe
While the best diets are fast and easy, they should still be healthy and balanced - with a wide variety of foods. No cutting out entire food groups. No going without protein for long periods of time. Avoid fads and look for doctor-approved, safe programs.

best dietsPermits 'Treats'
A diet that permits the occasional treat, dessert or cheat is actually healthy. It will give you that break you need to then keep going and meet your weight loss goal.

best dietsProvides Support
Online or phone support can help you stick to the diet and reach your goal weight faster. Connecting with others or plotting your weight loss course can make losing weight both fun and informative.

We've rated the diets on this site by these 5 key factors to make it easier to choose the very best plan for you.

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"The biggest seller is cookbooks and the second is diet books - how not to eat what you've just learned how to cook."
~Andy Rooney

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