The 5 Factor Diet Revealed

The 5 Factor Diet - If It's Good Enough for Jessica Simpson...

Harley Pasternak’s 5 Factor diet gained some major attention when, according to Us Magazine, Jessica Simpson used it to slim down for a movie role a few years ago.

Pasternak is a celebrity trainer and has helped tons of Hollywood stars like Jennifer Hudson, Halle Berry, Lady Gaga and Megan Fox slim down.

Designed with simplicity in mind, the 'magic' behind this diet lies in the factor of five. Everything associated with this diet will contain five critical elements – you'll eat five meals per day, each one following five different criteria.

As an added bonus, each meal will only take five minutes to prepare and will use only five different ingredients.

Finally, you'll workout five days a week for five weeks and soon be on your way to the fittest body ever.

How The Diet Works:

The diet is focused around foods that are low in fat and contain a quality source of protein, have a low-GI index rating as far as carbohydrates are concerned, are packed with fiber or healthy fats, and contain very little sugar.

The diet is a 5 week plan where you eat 5 meals a day. The meals contain 5 ingredients and take no more than 5 minutes to prepare (see the trend here?).

You also workout for 5 days a week for about 25 minutes (ok, it's not a 5 minutes workout - but at least there's a five involved here).

Finally - and the best thing about this diet - is that you get 1 'cheat' day every week where you eat whatever you want.

On a typical day in this plan you'll start your day off with some sugar-free cereal that contains at least five grams of protein and fiber per serving, some fruit, and some milk or low fat cottage cheese.

For lunch, you'll stick to soups and salads or an open sandwich made with no-flour breads or tortillas and for dinner, you'll select a lean protein source and some high fiber, low GI vegetables.

For snacks, you'll have cottage cheese and an apple or a 5-Factor protein shake.

How Does It Rate?

Is It Fast?

The 5 Factor diet is faster than some but not as fast as others. Depending on how much weight you have to lose and your activity level, you can probably aim for 1 - 3 pounds per week of body fat.

The good thing about this diet is that eating 5 times a day does help to keep your metabolism up. And the exercise will also help your body to continue losing weight over the long term.

Is It Easy To Follow?

While the diet is simple (5, 5, 5, 5...etc.), it's not necessarily easy. You have to prepare the meals yourself, you have to exercise, you have to read the book to really know what to do.

On the other hand, most meals are ready in 5 minutes which can make it easier than other diets.

Is It Safe?

Yes. For the most part the plan is balanced (you get protein, carbs and fats) with fruits and veggies, lean protein and good carbs.

Does It Permit 'Treats'?

Yes, you get one 'cheat day' every week where you indulge your cravings. This can help you stay on the diet since you know you can have whatever you want for at least 1 day a week.

Is There Support?

Yes. You can join the 5 Factor Diet online (there is a fee to join) where you can get recipes, meal planners, shopping lists, weight trackers and more. This can help you stick to the diet and see faster results

Final Grade: B

The 5 Factor Diet is a balanced, lower calorie diet that has you eating 5 simple meals per day that are easy to make. It also requires regular exercise 5 days a week.

While it can be a bit difficult and labor-intensive to make the meals yourself, the overall principle of 5-5-5-5 is easy to remember, if not a bit 'faddish'.

While not the fastest weight loss results diet out there, the diet is well balanced and there is an online support option if you need it.

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