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3 Questions You Must Ask Yourself To Find Your Best Diet Plan

Looking for the best diet plan? The problem is that not every diet is best for every person.

And lots of diets will get you to WeightLossVille - but some will get you there faster than others. You want a diet rocket that will speed you to WeightLossVille - not a diet bicycle.

In order to find that diet plan rocket, here are 3 questions to ask yourself before choosing a diet:

#1 What Is Your Goal?

What do you want? Sure you want to lose weight and look gorgeous - we all do. But what is your actual goal?

Do you want to lose 10 pounds, 20 pounds, 40 pounds or even 100 pounds? Do you want to be a specific size, maybe a 2 or a 4 or an 8?

And when do you want to achieve this goal? Is there a deadline for example, a class reunion or a wedding?

By knowing your goal you can better choose the best diet plan to meet this goal. For example if you have a month to lose 20 pounds, you're going to need a pretty aggressive diet plan like the Medifast diet.

If you only have 10 pounds to lose over 3 months you can choose one that's a little more lax and gives a few more calories or food options a day.

Also, make sure your goal is reasonable - for example, losing 10 pounds in a week is probably not reasonable unless you are extremely overweight and under a doctor's care. But 2 - 5 pounds in a week is very reasonable.

Losing 20 pounds when you're already 90 pounds is not reasonable. But losing 20 pounds when you're about 80 pounds overweight is very reasonable

Choose a reasonable goal that you can get excited about and then find your diet - don't choose a diet first and hope it meets your goals.

#2 What Kind of Diet Supports Your Lifestyle?

This is where people get tripped up. They get big aspirations and choose a super-intense diet that means they'll have to prepare special food with special ingredients for hours at a time - but they also work, look after their kids, run a part-time business on the side...etc.

It doesn't work.

Look at your lifestyle and choose a diet that causes as little upset to your schedule as possible.

For example, I know a woman who was constantly breaking her latest diet.

She was always frustrated and fed up until I asked her about her lifestyle. She admitted she was too busy to grab a coffee, never mind prepare a meal.

So she didn't fight it - she went with her lifestyle and chose a diet delivery service. She then had healthy, calorie-controlled meals and snacks on hand that were ready in 5 minutes, whenever she was hungry.

Bam - she lost 15 pounds in a month with no problems whatsoever. It was easy for her since it didn't really disrupt her lifestyle.

As another example, maybe you're the kind of person that always needs a treat at 3:00 in the afternoon. So don't fight it - go with it.

Choose a diet plan that allows you some chocolate or a delicious snack to have every afternoon at 3:00. You won't even feel that anything has changed! But your looser pants will tell you the truth.

Bottom Line? Choose a diet that fits with your lifestyle and preferences. You'll rocket towards your weight loss goal a lot faster than if you'd chosen a diet that doesn't mesh with your lifestyle.

#3 What's Your Past Experience With Diets?

Diet failures can be devastating. People blame themselves and take it personally. Maybe you have too. But you shouldn't.

It's always the fault of the diet - whether it's just a poor diet and doesn't work or it's a poor fit for your lifestyle (See #2 above).

But your past dieting experiences don't have to be a source of pain - they can be a source of inspiration - and information!

Take a look at your past experience with diets - what does it tell you? What did you hate about certain plans? What did you like? What seemed to work for you? What didn't work?

By looking at the past, you can learn and make changes to the future. To find your best diet plan, you have to choose one that has the best things from your past experience - and none of the worst.

So those are 3 questions to ask yourself before you choose a diet plan. The best diet plan will be one that meets your goals, meshes with your lifestyle and moves you away from past diet 'duds'. That's the way to rocket yourself to a thinner body!

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