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Best Weight Loss Diets That Rated Grade "A" Based On The 5 Key Diet Success Factors

Looking for the best weight loss diet? If you've spent any time on this website, you'll notice we rate popular diets by 5 Key Diet Success Factors that we feel make the best diets:

#1 Fast Weight Loss Results

#2 Easy To Follow

#3 Balanced and Safe

#4 Permit 'Treats'

#5 Support Offered

We then give these diets a grade based on these factors - A, B, C, D or even F!

We've listed the best diets below that all received a Grade A Rating on our website along with reviews and links to more information so you can choose a diet that really works!

Medifast Diet

best weight loss diet

[ Full Review ]

Medifast is meal replacement diet that offers very fast weight loss (up to 5 pounds a week).

You eat 5 Medifast meals (soups, oatmeals, chilis, bars, brownies, shakes, eggs, pancakes, etc.)as well as 1 'lean and green' meal.

In addition to fast weight loss, the diet is pretty easy to follow (since most of the meals are done for you and are easy to prepare). It also affordable around $10 a day and safe (recommended by over 20,000 doctors for their patients).

Plus you get online support like weight loss tracking tools, tips, emails and access to forums where you can ask questions and get diet tips.

Overall Medifast offers fast, easy weight loss that is safe, affordable, allows the occasional 'treat' and gives you support.

Grade: A

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Diet To Go

best weight loss diet

[ Full Review ]

Diet To Go is a diet meal delivery service that prepares fresh meals with no preservatives and ships them directly to your home.

All you do is heat and eat, which makes this diet very easy to follow. You can also choose your diet preference: low fat, low carb or vegetarian meals.

Plus at only $17.85 per day, it's more affordable than most other diet delivery services. The diet is balanced and safe with calorie count a healthy 1200 - 1600 a day so weight loss will be steady.

While there are no online support tools at this time, it does permit the occasional dessert or treat, making it easier to stick to the plan.

Overall, a very delicious - and affordable - way to lose weight that is super-easy to stick to.

Grade: A-

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Nutrisystem Diet

best weight loss diet

[ Full Review ]

Nutrisystem is a highly popular commercial diet that focuses on "good carb" (low glycemic) meals and appetite-controlling fibre - with heart healthy Omega 3 fats added in.

You get 3 meals a day and 1 snack - all for about $9 a day, making this diet very affordable. With over 170 meals and snacks for you to choose from, the variety is great and chances are high you'll find foods you like.

While the rate of weight loss may not be as fast as Medifast above, it's still steady. The diet is easy to follow as the meals are done for you and ready in about 5 minutes.

Nutrisystem is also one of the best weight loss diets for giving you 'treats' like ice cream, chocolate and cookies - so if you can't stand the thought of giving up your treats, you don't have to on this diet.

While the food isn't as 'gourmet' as Diet To Go above, the price is great - especially if you're looking to lose weight on a budget.

Grade: A-

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