Anti Candida Diet Revealed

anti candida diet

The Anti Candida Diet - What's It All About?

While it's not really a weight loss diet, lots of people are still looking for what's called the Candida Diet.

This is basically a diet that will help to cure systemic Candida or yeast.

Many people are strugging with Candida (also called a yeast infection or systemic Candidiases).

Candida is a yeast normally found in the human body. If kept in check (by your immune system and good bacteria like probiotics found in yogurt or Kefir), all is fine.

The problem comes however when there is an imbalance of some sort (lowered immune system, antibiotics - which kill the good probiotics in your intestine, too much sugar, etc.) and the candida yeast grows out of control.

It can then spread to other parts of your body (systemic candida) or cause problems in just one part (like a vaginal yeast infection, toenail fungus, thrush - which is oral yeast infection).

Candida can cause immense suffering in its human host.Some problems that have been linked to Candidiases include:

- Itching or Burning Sensation In Your Intimate Parts
- Leaky Gut Syndrome
- Arthritis
- Depression or Mood Swings
- Constant Tiredness or Fatigue
- Irritability
- Muscle Aches
- Short Attention Span
- Hip and Knee Pain
- Headaches or Constant Migraines
- Bloating or IBS
- Hypoglycemia
- Menstrual Pain
- Food Allergies
- Learning and Memory Problems
- Increased Craving For Sugary Foods, Breads, Cookies, etc.
- Jumpy Legs
- Brain Fog
- Sinus infections or Constant Nasal Drip
- Fungal Infections in Your Toe or Fingernails
- Unexplainable Feeling of "Not being yourself

While there are drugs you can take, some people question their effectiveness - and they can also be quite hard on your liver with several side effects.

For the most part, the best way to cure Candida is with a special diet that starves the yeast and essentially wipes it out and restores balance to your body. When that happens the symptoms above clear up and health is restored.

How The Diet Works:

While there are several different Anti Candida diet plans on the market - (probably the best, most natural one is Candida No More) - for the most part they involve starving the yeast of its preferred food - sugar.

You'll also be cutting out simple carbs and yeast-encouraging foods like mushrooms, vinegar and peanuts.

You should also work on a program of restoring good bacteria to your intestines and taking the right supplements to help counteract the yeast wasteproducts (which is often what makes you feel so awful).

Make sure any program you choose not only helps to kill the Candida but also restores balance and healing to your intestines.

Some Tips For the Candida Diet

This diet can be tough at first - especially the first couple of days. Since yeast thrives on sugar, it can set you up with terrible sugar or sweet cravings. But rest assured it will get better.

If you're desperate for a sweet fix, try using Stevia (a natural sweetener that has no carbs and will not feed the Candida) to sweeten a recipe or make some lemonade.

Don't get confused by all the conflicting information out there. There is a lot of old, outdated information on curing yeast infections - so try to find the most up to date information.

Try diets like the one found in Yeast Infection No More - which can help with symptoms in as little as 12 hours.

Final Conclusion:

We didn't grade this diet since it's not a weight loss diet per say. However it can be a very healthy diet that can help reverse chronic health issues, pain, brain fog, cravings, etc.

While you should always talk to your doctor before starting any new diet, if you have suffered with 'unexplainable' symptoms for years and can't find an explanation for them, you may want to try the Candida diet and see if it helps.

Where To Find More Information:

You can read more about the diet at Yeast Infection No More which can help relieve your symptoms in as little as 12 hours.

You'll find out how to cure your Candida permanently, holistically and without harmful drugs.

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anti candida diet

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