Fat Smash Diet Revealed

The Fat Smash Diet - What's It All About?

The Fat Smash Diet was created by Dr. Ian K. Smith and gained fame when it was used on the show Celebrity Fit Club, where Hollywood celebrities followed the plan and competed to lose weight.

The diet runs for 90 days and takes you through 4 different phases, with the first phase being the hardest and where you'll lose the most weight.

The diet emphasizes eating 4 - 5 small meals a day, regular exercise and eating unlimited fruits and vegetables. It claims to help 'smash' your unhealthy food cravings and reshape your reltionship to food.

How The Diet Works:

The Fat Smash Diet is all about getting rid of your old bad habits and replacing them with new, healthier alternatives. The plan takes place over a 90 day period, after which, all those old habits should be entirely removed.

The first phase of the diet will be a detox phase and last for nine days total, where you'll cut out virtually all foods except fruits and vegetables (as well as a few healthy foods like egg whites, oatmeal etc.).

This is going to help your body eliminate any toxins that could be causing problems and really get the weight loss off to a fast start.

Then you move to the second phase which lasts for 3 weeks and has you adding protein rich foods such as lean meat and seafood as well as low-fat dairy products and whole grain cereal.

At this point you are also instructed to begin regular cardio exercise to promote greater weight loss.

In the third phase of the diet plan you'll start adding in some pasta and whole grain bread while also being allowed to have one dessert a day. Again, physical activity is increased in this stage so that you're doing some regular workouts.

Finally, the last phase which lasts for the remainder of the 90 days allows much more flexibility with foods. You're still eating 4 - 5 meals per day and watching your portions however.

Regular exercise is set to one hour five days a week so at this point your total daily calorie burn will be quite a bit higher as well.

How Does It Rate?

Is It Fast?

You can lose weight very fast during the first phase - however weight loss will start to slow as you progress through the phases.

So it's hard to make an estimate of how much you can lose here. However on the first phase you should lose weight quite quickly.

Is It Easy To Follow?

With all the lists of what's allowed and what's not allowed on each of the different phases, it can be difficult to follow or keep track of your diet.

Also, the first phase can be very challenging since you're cutting out a lot of processed foods and may experience some 'withdrawal' symptoms or cravings.

Is It Safe?

Since it is created by a physician, you'd expect the plan to be a safe, balanced way to lose weight. Also, there is a wide variety of foods included on the diet.

And it also encourages you to eat unlimited fruits and vegetables which will give you valuable vitamins and nutrients. Finally, it does encourage exercise, which can help to maintain your weight loss in the long run.

Does It Permit 'Treats'?

Yes - but only on the later phases. During the first phase, so sweets are allowed, which can be tough.

Is There Support?

No. The Fat Smash diet is really a book-based diet. You can find some testimonials online but not much more.

Final Grade: C+

The Fat Smash diet is generally a calorie-restricted program - with a bit of a detox thrown in. As you progress through the program you're also allowed to add more and more food back in, which is nice because you get the tough part over in the initial phase.

The fact that this diet also really encourages physical activity is a big plus as well as that will ensure that you are able to maintain all your lean muscle mass.

However it can be a bit labor intensive and especially tough on the first phase due to food cravings. And there really isn't a lot of support or help with this program.

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