Lemonade Diet - Is It Right For You?

Thinking about trying the lemonade diet? Wondering what it is? The lemonade diet is also called the lemon detox diet or the Master Cleanse diet.

It's been around for a while in one form or another. The main benefits of the diet are fast weight loss. The also purports to offer a good overall body detox, giving you clearer skin and more energy once this 10 day plan is over.

What Is It?

The diet essentially involves drinking a mix of water, lemon juice, cayenne pepper and maple syrup all day - and nothing else.

This diet has been used by celebrities like Beyonce Knowles who used it to slim down for her role in 'Dream Girls'.

The reasoning behind the ingredients is that the lemon juice helps to detox the body and liver. The cayenne pepper helps to rev up the metabolism. The water helps to flush out the fat. And the maple syrup gives you the minerals and essential B vitamins you'll need to function.

Does It Work?

Yes and no. Obviously this diet will drop weight very fast. The ultra-low calorie nature of the diet guarantees that you'll lose weight.

But what kind of weight is another story.

It's very possible that your body will turn to burning your lean muscle mass for fuel, due to the low calorie nature of this diet - and the lack of protein involved. This could slow your metabolism and make it harder to lose weight in the future.

Is It Easy?

While the diet is pretty simple (and it will definitely save you money on groceries) - it's definitely not easy. Most people don't last more than a few days at most on this diet. You'll feel hungry and probably won't have a lot of energy to do much.

Also this is also a form of detox diet - so you may experience detox symptoms while on this diet too like headaches, chills, dizziness or other detox symptoms.

Is It Safe?

Most doctors would say no. It's just too low-calorie. You're not getting vital nutrients or vitamins. You're not getting enough protein.

Also, because it's so strict, many people find they end up binge eating when they go off the diet - which kind of defeats the purpose in the first place.

So while it's up to you whether you try the diet or not, those are some things to be aware of.

There are alternative lemonade diet programs like Master Cleanse Secrets that let you eat food while losing weight on the diet. And you may want to try these diets instead - which promise all the benefits of the lemonade diet, without the ultra low calorie drawbacks.

Just remember to consult your doctor before trying any diet or making any kind of health changes to your lifestyle.

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