Low Carb Diet Plans

The Low Carb Diet - What's It All About?

The low carb plan is a type of diet that emphasizes foods that have no or very slow-absorbed carbohydrates like meat, fish, vegetables, some fruits, nuts and seeds, cheeses, etc.

While there are a variety of different low carb plans on the market, many of these diets share the same benefits.

Benefits of the Low Carb Plan:

Low carb diets can take off weight very quickly because they put the body into 'fat-burning' mode and reduce insulin levels (insulin is a hormone released that tells your body to store fat).

These diets are also beneficial for diabetics and those with blood sugar problems as they help to stabilize blood sugars and prevent insulin spikes.

Because of the reduction in insulin and the emphasis on more protein foods, you may also notice that you don't feel as hungry on a low carb plan.

And also, while a low carb plan used to be harder to stick to, with the introduction of lower carb sweetener like Stevia or xylitol, there are lots of sweets and treats that low carbers can eat.

There's also more support groups and online help or products for low-carbers to have access to.

One note of caution however: Severely low carb plans can sometimes be unhealthy as your body does need some carbs. Every person is different depending on their genetic makeup, their level of activity, etc.

Here are some of the various low carb plans you can check out:

Low Carb Diet Plans

#1 Low Carb Diet Delivery From Diet To Go

[ Diet To Go Review ]

Diet To Go is a low carb diet meal delivery site that prepares low carb meals fresh (net 30 grams of carbs per day) and ships them to you, anywhere in the U.S.

Meals are calorie and carb controlled so you don't really have to do anything but eat and lose weight.

This is probably one of the easiest ways to lose weight on a low carb diet plan - and starting at $17.85 a day - it's also one of the cheapest.

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#2 South Beach Diet

[ South Beach Diet Review ]

South Beach has been called a 'kinder, gentler' form of Atkins. Although the creator doesn't like to call it a low-carb diet, the first phase of the diet is really a lower carb approach.

Later phases do introduce some more of the healthier carbs like fruits and whole grains.

While this is a very popular diet, it is a bit labor-intensive as you have to prepare certain recipes and shop for the food yourself.

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#3 Atkins Diet

[ Atkins Diet Review ]

When people think low carb - they usually think 'Atkins'. The Atkins diet has become synonomous with the low carb diet. It used to be more strict and allow very few carbs on the plan - but as much as you wanted of other low carb foods like meats, cheeses, etc.

This caused some criticism due to the emphasis on high-fat, unhealthy foods.

The newer Atkins approach emphasizes healthier low carb foods and does allow for more, healthier carbs in later phases of the diet.

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