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The Vegetarian Diet - Will It Help You Lose Weight?

The Vegetarian diet is an approach that is based around eating foods that come from non-animal sources and instead focusing on foods that come from the ground (fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, seeds, etc.).

There are different varieties of vegetarianism out there from those that eliminate anything that has to do with animals (no meat, dairy or eggs) to those who will consume dairy, fish and seafood, or egg foods.

There are many reasons people choose to follow a vegetarian diet including ethical reasons, environmental reasons, religious reasons and health reasons. Some people also try it to lose weight on a vegetarian diet.

Can you lose weight on a vegetarian diet? In principle - yes. Cutting out meat and dairy products can shave a lot of calories off your daily intake. However there are some things you need to be aware of.

How The Diet Works:

The premise of the vegetarian diet is to focus around plenty of whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as nuts and legumes. So you do get a lot of vital nutrients and vitamins on this plan.

You're also cutting back on the unhealthy ingredients that are often found in commercial (non-organic) meat products like hormones, pesticides and nitrates. This can make you healthier as you lose weight.

However it's important to note that this diet isn't necessarily a "diet" where you count calories and have a specific eating plan. It's more of a lifestyle choice or way of eating, so the weight may come off slower than a conventional "diet" plan.

If you're looking to lose weight on a vegetarian diet - you still may have to count calories or watch portion sizes. A great way to do this is to use a diet meal delivery service that offers vegetarian meal plans like Diet To Go.

One of the primary reasons that this diet can help you lose weight is because if you choose healthy vegetarian based foods with the bulk of your diet coming from fruits and vegetables, you will naturally consume a lower calorie intake.

Proper planning ahead of time can easily take care of these problems so you can continue to lose weight and get healthier on a vegetarian diet.

How Does It Rate?

Is It Fast?

It really depends on which approach you use. If you watch your calories you can probably lose about 2 - 3 pounds per week.

If you're not watching your calories or portion sizes, weight loss will be slower.

Is It Easy To Follow?

This diet can be fairly easy to follow - but you do have to do some proper planning to make sure you're getting enough iron, B12 and protein.

If you want to actually lose weight, the easiest way to do this diet might be to use a meal delivery service like Diet To Go that will prepare meals and do all the calorie counting for you.

Is It Safe?

This diet can be safe and healthy - but you have to plan ahead. One big mistake many vegetarians make however that stops them from losing weight is that they choose a lot of heavy-carb foods like bagels, pasta, rice, and cereals instead of fresh fruits and vegetables.

By doing this, your calorie intake soars and you don't lose weight. In fact, you may even gain weight.

Another common mistake is eating far too little protein. Some vegetarians don't consume enought vegetarian based protein foods like legumes, nuts, seeds, tofu, quinoa, and tempeh. They may start to lose lean muscle mass and their metabolism can slow.

One final thing to be aware of is that vegetarians can often suffer from certain deficiencies like B12 and iron. Make sure you have these levels monitored by your doctor and supplement if necessary.

Does It Permit 'Treats'?

Again, this depends on the approach you're using. But for the most part, you are allowed treats on this diet. Just be sure to watch the calories.

Is There Support?

There are vegetarian websites and support groups online. Alternatively you can also find a popular diet like Nutrisystem that has a vegetarian plan available, which also offers online support.

Final Grade: C+

The vegetarian diet is really a mixed bag. It can be very healthy for some - and even a great way to lose weight.

But it can be labor intensive to make the food yourself. Plus vegetarianism is more a way of eating than a diet. So if you want to lose weight you still have to watch your portion sizes and/or count calories.

Also, you should make sure you're planning ahead and avoiding potential pitfalls on this diet like a lack of protein, iron or B-12.

How To Lose Weight on a Vegetarian Diet:

If you want to lose weight on a Vegetarian diet, it's best to find a diet that offers a vegetarian option like Nutrisystem - or get caloried-controlled meals prepared for you like you get with Diet To Go

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